Training & Simulations in Public Affairs, Lobbying & Advocacy. Strategic Advice & Project Management.

Working with Paul Shotton Consulting enables you to add strategic value to your team and organisation. We bring expertise from ten years working with European civil society, umbrella organizations and blue-chip companies designing and implementing European advocacy campaigns and lobbying actions. This is complemented by ten years in academia teaching courses on European Affairs and European Public Affairs combined with research on interest group influence. Most recently Paul has spent several years leading large teams (70+ staff).

Our mission is to work with your team to ensure that your voice is heard by those taking decisions that shape your issues and affect your stakeholders. We provide expert guidance allowing you to leverage opportunity and manage risk when facing complex public policy challenges. Our services include training, simulations in lobbying and advocacy, project management as well as strategic advice. Our mission is to equip public affairs and advocacy professionals with the latest skills in issue management, stakeholder engagement as well as strategic communications and planning. We inform and equip our clients to build a culture of data driven continuous improvement through monitoring and evaluating advocacy and lobbying activities.

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Tailored Training and Simulations

Looking to understand the Brussels scene? Need to engage with European policy-makers? Need to develop your lobbying skills, build best practice and acquire new skills? Paul Shotton Consulting provides you with tailormade training programmes. Our simulations are rich in case studies and experience. Our training and simulations rely on insights and lessons from real case studies combined with state of the art simulation and workshop didactics. Combining knowledge from academia and practitioners, our training programmes empower you to impact the Brussels arena.

Project Management

Need to build team engagement? Difficulties focusing your campaigns on achieving impact? Making use of tailor-made exercises we seek to guide your teams in the definition and translation of clear campaign visions into activities, objectives and goals. Working with your teams we facilitate the definition of solutions and actions to resolve your challenges. We aim to build a road map supported by clearly defined lead and lag measures seeking to establish team scoreboards that enable your organisation to measure progress and motivate teams as they work towards their long-term objectives.

Monitoring and Evaluating your Advocacy and Lobbying

Public affairs, advocacy and lobbying provide knowledge and information that is vital for  decision-makers in formulating and deciding upon policy. Transparency is required by regulators and the public. Accountability is also required by organisation leaders, funding providers and organisation members. Paul Shotton Consulting combines expert knowledge of campaigning and advocacy with state-of-the-art practice in campaign planning, monitoring and evaluation. Services include advice in defining programme goals and activities, while ensuring the definition of clear and measurable indicators. In addition, we offer services in independent evaluation of campaigns, providing teams and leadership with strategic insight into campaign impact and effectiveness.

European Regulatory Compliance and Public Policy Advice

With over ten years experience in Brussels and over ten years experience researching European policy-making, Paul Shotton Consulting is uniquely placed to analyse complex policy problems and guide your organisation in defining the appropriate strategies seeking to ensure your organisation’s interests are supported by policy and decision-makers. Making use of state-of-the-art best practice and rigorous research methods, we deliver structured analysis of issues, arenas and stakeholders allowing for the formulation of messages tailored to key policy-makers. Our mission is to build your identity and network to situate your organisation at the heart of the decision-making matrix.